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Few people actually respect how much work and skill goes into making a recording sound radio ready. I understand what it takes and have been recording since 1996. Through my trial and error, I will share with you lessons learned in running a recording business and what it takes to create a radio ready product from scratch.

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I felt like I was always one step behind everyone else because I didn't have expensive gear. I always blamed my equipment for the reason why my recordings sucked. Then Tom yelled at me and introduced me to Digital Recording School. I LOVE his approach to teaching! He is extremely knowledgable, funny, and relatable to his audience. My recordings have never sounded better!

Josh Bonanno

I was sick of spending money on studio time so I bought some home recording gear. I am an artist that wanted to cut demos for myself, but never realized how much there was to recording until I was already in too deep! Tom helped and taught me everything that I needed to know. My demos don't sound like demos anymore and I don't waste money on studio time!

Bill Metaton

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