Where Do I Start?!

One of the hardest things with getting started with anything is actually starting.

I have found this to be true with songwriting, recording, mixing, and even building this website.

Sometimes the only way to do it is to JUST DO IT.

I’m going to share with you a story about myself and this website.

When I hatched the idea for Digital Recording School it was October of 2014 when I had a meeting with an online marketing guru at a record label in Florida. I was a songwriter on the project, but I was meeting with him and the owner to discuss marketing ideas for an artist that we were working with.

When I walked into the building there were platinum records everywhere. I wasn’t expecting things to feel as intense as they did and wasn’t sure what I was walking into. It was overwhelming, I was nervous, and felt unprepared. But what choice did I have, I was there. I was forced into an uncomfortable situation because I felt unprepared. Then the pressure was on.

After three hours of discussing market trends, revealing my strategy for digital marketing, and bouncing ideas off of each other, the marketing consultant said to the rest of the team, “This guy really gets it.”

After the meeting, he sat me down and asked me if I was blogging. I, of course wasn’t at the time. I was focused solely on recording and being a songwriter.

He started to tell me of people younger than myself making their living off of doing it and strongly encouraged me to do it. He spent a half hour trying to convince me to do it. He believed in me, which was very reassuring and encouraging.

The entire drive home I could not stop thinking about how well the meeting went.

It reshaped my thinking. Was everything that I worked so hard on my entire life leading up to this?

Maybe not. Maybe so. But I hit the internet hard that week researching.

I knew that I wanted to open a free online recording school where people like me could go to find the resources they needed to get ahead in recording.

I just didn’t know how.

So I researched. Then I would come across something that would make sense to me and open more ideas. Then I researched more. Then I joined mastermind groups to discuss my ideas. Then I researched more. Then I built a prototype website. Hated it. Build another. Hated it. Did more research. Filmed videos. Hated them. Filmed more videos. Hated them. Then I researched more.

Before I knew it it was August.

From October 2014 to August 2015 I accomplished nothing.

This isn’t to say I didn’t do anything. I had a few projects, moved 1,000 miles, finished five records, but my main goal and focus was collecting dust.

Because I was afraid.

Then in August, frustrated with myself I said, “screw it!”

And here we are.

Another story from my past:

When I was going to build a recording studio in 2005, I spent the majority of my time researching. Every single day in high school, instead of paying attention, I scoured the internet for the piece of gear that would make my demos great.

Then I did that for a year and a half.

That is nearly two years wasted in my life, prolonging the inevitable from not balancing research and action.

I knew that I would have this website and I knew that I would have a recording studio. So why did it take so long?

I was strictly doing 100% research with 0% action.

We do this so that we can feel very prepared and confident when we get started.

Here is the truth: you will never be full prepared or fully confident in anything that you do.

The best way to get started is TO JUST START DOING IT.

Find a mentor, a resource, or an inspiration and get moving. Experience trial and error. I’ll be here to help you and answer your questions because I have been exactly where you are now.


Tom Camp


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