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Should My Home Studio Be Analog Or Digital?

By Tom Camp | December 21, 2017

Should you have an analog or digital home studio set up?  There are benefits to both.  I have worked in both extremes coming from the purely analog days of tape all the way to mixing songs on airplanes with plugins. Making The Switch To Digital When I was getting ready to move to Thailand I…

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How To Quantize Guitars In Pro Tools

By Tom Camp | December 4, 2017

Today I want to show you how to quantize guitars in Pro Tools quickly.  In today’s videos, I have a two-part series.  The first video will show you how to quantize the guitar and the second will show you how you can do it quickly. Video 1: Video 2:

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Are Expensive Plugins for Mixing Needed?

By Tom Camp | November 17, 2017

Do you need expensive plugins for mixing?  The short answer is no and the honest answer is it helps.  Why would you want premium plugins and do you really need them to make great mixes? Why Are Some Plugins For Mixing Expensive? Plugins take a lot of work to develop.  There is an intricate sequence of events…

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How To Record Bass Guitar

By Tom Camp | November 10, 2017

Wondering how to record bass guitar?!  Before you start figuring out which bass to use, what amp to use, what microphone to grab, you have to start with style. Bass guitar is extremely important to the mix and the energy of the song.  The bass, like many instruments, sits differently in the mix and arrangement…

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Is Mono Mixing Important?

By Tom Camp | November 3, 2017

Let’s talk about mono mixing and why mixing in mono is important! I LOVE stereo mixes!  But what makes some of my greatest stereo mixes?  Oddly, it is because I find myself making mix decisions in mono. What To Look For In Mono Mixing The first thing that I check for when I hit the…

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What Makes Great Music?

By Tom Camp | October 29, 2017

I’ve been seeing people debate to the point of getting into a WWF brawl (or is it WWE now, I’m old) over pop music standards and how to write songs.  They all have an opinion on what makes great music. Things like formulaic pop music, talking song structure, keys, infamous tuning (440 vs 432), and…

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1 Step To Better Mixes: Organization

By Tom Camp | October 24, 2017

It is all about your approach in mixing!  We must build our mixing skills off of the fundamentals of gain structure and then build our mixing skills through Mix Hacking.  This is how we achieve better mixes! Today we’re going to discuss the one thing that you need to do before mixing… organizing! 1 Step…

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Headphone Calibration Software: Mix On Headphones

By Tom Camp | October 18, 2017

Mixing with headphone calibration software like Sonarworks has helped me a ton with my mixes! Now I can mix with headphones like a pro!  Leaving the environment of giant commercial studios to travel the world and mix on headphones came with limitations. The combination of Sonarworks & Audio Hijack has helped me to overcome those…

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Mixing In The Box vs On A Console

By Tom Camp | October 17, 2017

Let’s talk about the great debate!  Analog vs digital mixing!  Do you like mixing in the box or on a console in an analog environment?  Sure, most of our favorite mix engineers that we see are behind a giant console in their photos and videos and most of them come from a time where analog…

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Mystery Revealed: What Is Compression In Music?

By Tom Camp | October 10, 2017

What Is Compression In Music? I can literally talk for hours or write pages and pages on compression.  People are always asking me “what is compression in music?”  It was a gigantic mystery to me!  Understanding the definition wasn’t enough, throwing it on every track of my mix because I was “supposed to” crushed my…

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Engineer Producer Jake Antelis

“Tom Camp is a talented artist, songwriter, producer, mixer & educator. In the few years I’ve known him, I’ve seen firsthand how passionate and talented he is on each of these sides of the music industry. He has a very unique and personal teaching style which I feel is a very welcome and needed addition to the online world of teaching.”



“I have been working with Tom for years and co-host Recording Studio Podcast with him.  Not only does he know his stuff, but he has such unique perspective from a songwriting standpoint that offers an incredible approach to mixing.”


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