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How often do you waste your time with buying expensive plugin after plugin guessing how to get a better mix and then wondering where it all went wrong…
“If I only had (insert piece of gear here), then my mix would be great!”
-Every Studio Owner Ever (Lying to Themselves)
It is our mission to help you eliminate all the guesswork so that you will never again waste time or money in your pursuit towards becoming a better mix engineer

The Gain Changer


Ignore all of the negativity surrounding the term, “gain staging” in recording today. Since becoming a best seller in 2017, The Gain Changer has helped countless people to transform their approach to mixing. This is surely something that will change your workflow. Download it for free today.

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Blog Post cover showing Macbook Pro, Apple Watch, and other Apple products

2018 MacBook Pro for Recording

Every year, Apple decides to dash out their new range of MacBook Pro lineups, and each year we’re excited to talk about them. This year isn’t any different, the latest MacBook Pro 2018 is packing a serious punch for the money and is Apple’s most powerful laptop yet. But is the 2018 MacBook Pro powerful … 2018 MacBook Pro for Recording Read More »

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Blog cover page for Slate Digital VRS with photo of Tom Camp talking to the camera

Slate Digital VRS – Truly A Game Changer

The Slate Digital VRS is in a league of its own. Slate and his team have changed the game once again with their latest release. Watch the video below as I discuss the different recording techniques I’ve used in the past and how Slate Digital’s VRS will change the way that we make records. In … Slate Digital VRS – Truly A Game Changer Read More »

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A Digidesign Control 24

Should My Home Studio Be Analog Or Digital?

Should you have an analog or digital home studio set up?  There are benefits to both.  I have worked in both extremes coming from the purely analog days of tape all the way to mixing songs on airplanes with plugins. Making The Switch To Digital When I was getting ready to move to Thailand I … Should My Home Studio Be Analog Or Digital? Read More »

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A Protools session

How To Quantize Guitars In Pro Tools

Today I want to show you how to quantize guitars in Pro Tools quickly.  In today’s videos, I have a two-part series.  The first video will show you how to quantize the guitar and the second will show you how you can do it quickly. Video 1: Video 2:

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