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2018 MacBook Pro for Recording

Blog Post cover showing Macbook Pro, Apple Watch, and other Apple products

Every year, Apple decides to dash out their new range of MacBook Pro lineups, and each year we’re excited to talk about them. This year isn’t any different, the latest MacBook Pro 2018 is packing a serious punch for the money and is Apple’s most powerful laptop yet. But is the 2018 MacBook Pro powerful…

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Slate Digital VRS – Truly A Game Changer

Blog cover page for Slate Digital VRS with photo of Tom Camp talking to the camera

The Slate Digital VRS is in a league of its own. Slate and his team have changed the game once again with their latest release. Watch the video below as I discuss the different recording techniques I’ve used in the past and how Slate Digital’s VRS will change the way that we make records. In…

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Should My Home Studio Be Analog Or Digital?

A Digidesign Control 24

Should you have an analog or digital home studio set up?  There are benefits to both.  I have worked in both extremes coming from the purely analog days of tape all the way to mixing songs on airplanes with plugins. Making The Switch To Digital When I was getting ready to move to Thailand I…

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How To Quantize Guitars In Pro Tools

A Protools session

Today I want to show you how to quantize guitars in Pro Tools quickly.  In today’s videos, I have a two-part series.  The first video will show you how to quantize the guitar and the second will show you how you can do it quickly. Video 1: Video 2:

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Are Expensive Plugins for Mixing Needed?

A collage of EQs, Compressors, Reverbs and other plugins by various manufacturers.

Do you need expensive plugins for mixing?  The short answer is no and the honest answer is it helps.  Why would you want premium plugins and do you really need them to make great mixes? Why Are Some Plugins For Mixing Expensive? Plugins take a lot of work to develop.  There is an intricate sequence of events…

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How To Record Bass Guitar

A side view of faders on a console.

Wondering how to record bass guitar?!  Before you start figuring out which bass to use, what amp to use, what microphone to grab, you have to start with style. Bass guitar is extremely important to the mix and the energy of the song.  The bass, like many instruments, sits differently in the mix and arrangement…

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