The Gain Changer eBook

The Gain Changer

A Better Foundation To A Better Mix

What You’ll Learn

I believe that The Gain Changer is the foundation to creating a great mix.


How to optimize your files before applying plugin processing


The key to achieving a balanced mix without your plugins


Find the perfect way to approach your monitoring during mixing


In my opinion, the single most important thing to apply during mixing

Achieve Better Mixes

Mixing Is Tough – But It Doesn’t Have To Be

I remember when mixing was such a mystery to me. No matter how much I tried to learn, I was never able to really wrap my head around getting a balance to my mix. Until I developed my own systems to keep myself in check. Now I want to share it with you for FREE!
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“I am so happy I cannot find the words to describe how I feel!  I have just renamed this to ‘Game Changer’ because that’s what it is to me!  Thank you, Tom.  I’m really indebted to you for this eye-opening read!”


Producer Engineer Producer Jake Antelis

“Fantastic Book release by Tom Camp and Digital Recording School.  There are a lot of books out there that have hundreds of pages on audio topics that often go on and on and though they have some good info, it seems as if they are more trying to get the book to 300 or more pages to boost the price- rather than offering something that is to the point and helpful. Tom gets right to point and offers tons of value packed in 40 pages- and without any filler for those that are interested in improving their mixing game.”


Mix Engineer YulliTestimonial

“Just want to thank you for introducing me to The Gain Changer, and I want you to know that it helped me a lot, just as the 1-hour mix with apple earbuds tutorial that you did.  If I could describe The Gain Changer with only one word, that word would be “Aha!”  I’ve learned so much with you, keep up the amazing work man!


Home Recording Engineer Engineer Josh Bonnano

“Tom broke down simple elements of mixing that is super beneficial to the home recording engineer. His system breaks it down to a simple level and his videos within the book are extremely clear and helpful.”


Mix Engineer

A Note From The Author

“I have been so humbled since hitting the Amazon Best-Sellers list!  Music has given me so much in my life. It has been there for every good time, every time of depression, and has enabled me to reach people in a way that I could never have. I am grateful for the opportunity to give back to music even if it is in some small way. The fact that I could be possibly reaching that younger version of myself that desperately wants to make better music, doesn’t know how, and can’t afford college makes me extremely grateful.”

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Tom Camp, Author

Start Making Better Mixes Today!

My goal is to help you build a better foundation to a better mix so that you can share your gift of music with the world
The Gain Changer E Book