Is The Slate Digital Everything Bundle Worth It?

Slate Digital Everything Bundle Worth It

I get asked pretty often how I can travel around the world mixing records on a laptop without all of my great analog gear that I bought back home.  People always ask me, “Do you miss your console?!”  When I tell them I love my software that allows me the freedom to mix anywhere they…

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How To EQ A Kick Drum In 3 EASY steps

How To EQ A Kick Drum

In today’s video, I want to teach you how to EQ a kick drum in 3 simple and easy to use steps! I always start with my kick drum in the mix.  Why?  Because it’s the focal point of the drum kit and 9 times out 10 my entire mix.   Watch the video below: How…

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What Is The Best Acoustic Electric Guitar?

What Is the best acoustic electric guitar

What is the best acoustic electric guitar?  The acoustic is an incredibly dynamic instrument and should be carefully selected. Use these tips to make the right choice when buying an acoustic or selecting an acoustic for recording or live performances. Watch the video below: Full Transcription Below: What Is The Best Acoustic Electric Guitar? The…

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Quality Home Recordings In The Mainstream

Quality Home Recordings -

I love quality home recordings and  I’m a big fan of great records.  I’m an even bigger fan of great records that were done in less than perfect conditions. Why? Because I can relate and it’s hopeful to an up and coming engineer/producer. I’ve had bands send me home recordings that blew my mind and…

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Why I Don’t Like The Sound City Documentary

Sound City Documentary Blog Post -

I’m not a huge fan of the Sound City documentary Others have disagreed with me as I have a pretty unpopular opinion about the Sound City documentary. When it comes to performing and writing music there is no doubt that Dave Grohl is a bad ass!  I love the Foo Fighters and think that his…

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4 Steps To Make Better Recordings – The 4 Point Microphone System

4 point microphone system

In today’s post, I share with you Digital Recording School’s 4 Point Microphone System.  This system will give you a checklist that will solve your microphone technique problems. Are you scratching your head trying to figure out how to track better recordings?  Do you struggle with selecting the microphone that is the perfect fit for…

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