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Make Better Recordings - About Digital Recording School
About Digital Recording School

What Digital Recording School Is All About

If You Struggle With These Questions, I Can Help

  • How do I make my mixes great?
  • Is it possible to make a great recording in a home studio?
  • How do I get my snare drum to sit in my mix?
  • Why don't my vocals sound great?
  • How do I make my tracks sound punchy and clean?
  • Why does my mix suck?


Learn techniques to make your mixes sound radio ready.


You are the X-factor between your recording and a great mix.  


Digital Recording School is and always will be free!

Start Making Better Mixes

Face it, mixing can be very difficult. Mixing is a perfect balance of creativity, artistic approach, and science. Taking your great song and hearing a poor mix that doesn't do it justice can be very disheartening. I will teach you how to make your mix sound radio ready.

Tom Camp asleep at the console

About Tom Camp

Tom Camp has been recording since the days of 4-track tape machines. Obsessed with music, Tom is an Amazon Best-Selling author,  a recording artist, producer, mix engineer, and even co-hosts Recording Studio Podcast. To say that he is dedicated to music is an understatement.

"I understand the significance of your music, your recordings, and your art. It has always been my belief that when the world gives you a gift, that it is your responsibility to give that gift back to the world. Music is your gift and I want to help you share it."