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Welcome To Digital Recording School

Welcome to Digital Recording School!  I have been working on this for months and have an incredible amount of wonderful information coming your way. I am very excited to get working with you.

You’re going to find that my approach to teaching is a little different than most places that you will go. Behind all of the humor, you will find information that is extremely valuable to bettering yourself as a recording engineer and producer.

If you are here now, I am assuming that we have a lot in common. The fact that you are looking to further your recordings means you are committed to making a better product.

My thirst for recording started at a young age. When I was 10 years old, I got my first 4 track cassette recorder. In order to make recordings I used to have to bounce stems together manually in order to free up room for more tracks.

My how times have changed!

I started in digital recording using an extremely old program called Cool Edit Pro and eventually moved on to Sonor then Pro Tools. I spent most of my youth researching everything about recording gear. I always wanted the next best tool and wasted so much time researching gear looking for “that sound” that would make my recordings awesome.

I was fooling myself.

And I spent years doing it.

When I finally got all of the gear of my dreams, my recordings were still subpar. So I took to the internet, books, working with mentors, and doing just about everything other than going to an audio engineering program to get where I needed to go.

My time was better spent learning how to record and mix properly rather than getting caught up in the gear craze.

The more committed to my product that I became, the better I got. After nearly 20 years of recording, I finally have a good handle on my craft.

Now I want to create a place where others like me can learn. I want my students to be able to transition from home studio hobbyist to being able to compete with the professionals. I believe that all of you can create a radio ready product.

So I’m proud to say welcome to Digital Recording School!

Now that I have introduced myself to you, introduce yourself to me in the comments below. Tell me your name, why you got into recording and music, and what you’re struggling with in your recordings.

I am so excited that you’re here! Let’s get to work!

-Tom Camp


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